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Our  Mission 

Offer competitive and trend-setting products that meet the specific needs of different market segments by building strong customer relationships and achieving operational excellence.

Our  Vision 

To be the employer and supplier of choice in the North American flooring market.

Our  Values 

  • Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do;

  • Increase sense of belonging, commitment and mobilization;

  • Value and develop our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership;

  • Recognize our employees;

  • Offer a healthy and safe working environment;

  • Continuous education;

  • Value diversity in our workplace;

  • Inclusive business practices;

  • Socially responsible as well as a committed to sustainable development

Our  Conscious Design 

We deliver more than a product offering; we bring forward our aspirations to become more conscious of our environment. Being trend-focused and curious is what propels us to showcase the best of flooring. Beaulieu Canada is proud to introduce "Conscious Design" because we are aware.


  • Aware of our people

  • Aware of our environment

  • Aware of our collective health care

  • Aware of our fashion world

Beyond functionality, Conscious Design has the human at hear. And that's what Beaulieu Canada is all about.

Who we are

Our background

Over  65 years of knowledge 

More than  400 devoted employees 

 1 manufacturing plant 

 3 distribution centers 

 4 showrooms 

Over  5,000 retailers  across North America

Owned by B.I.G (Beaulieu International Group) headquartered in Belgium and employs 4,700 people worldwide.

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