Looking the part - Tufting

Beaulieu Canada. It is literally the place where the carpet is created!

Tufting is the weaving of fiber into the different types of carpets for which Beaulieu Canada is known. The person assigned to tufting makes sure that everything is in place, that each fiber is in the right place, that the manufacturing process is done without a hitch and that the different carpet finishes are faithful to the company's high standards.

The tufting machine operator is the direct representative of the Beaulieu Canada brand image. He/she is an observant, meticulous person with good dexterity. Someone who likes a job well done, who wants to be part of a team that cares about the excellent reputation of the company and its employees.

One would think that this factory job is monotonous, physically difficult and that it is mostly men who hold this position. But it is exactly the opposite! In addition, even if it is a team job, people who prefer to do their own thing without being constantly surrounded by people will be happy.

Tufting is at the heart of the business! Literally and figuratively!

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