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Looking the part : Sampler

The sampler is an important person in the "Beaulieu Canada suite". He's the one with the expertise of the production operators, the precision of the research and development department and the analytical mind of marketing.

In this central department, the sampler is strategically positioned to ship finished samples or make in-house samples according to the requirements of the order entered. He has the responsibility of pulling and shipping the right product to the right customer on time. This allows customers to see what they're buying and sales representatives to know what they're selling, thus increasing the company's profits.

The sampler is a meticulous, hard-working person who has an undeniable attention to detail, likes his work done well and if he knows a few jokes, that's a great asset!

The sampler is a man, a woman, your father, your daughter, maybe even you! In short, the sampler is someone who's looking for a really unusual career, in a small department where everyone works together, someone who will learn the job from A to Z. It's not a common job, so we certainly don't require experience as a sampler.

The sampler is the one who makes the little things big!

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