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Looking the part : Graphic Designer

Most people don't realize that Beaulieu Canada has a fine team of creatives who are responsible for the visual design of its sales tools and communications. This swarm of gifted and cheerful people is called the graphic designers (insert harp music).

They might not be the ones responsible for the design of products as such - we will certainly come back to this in a new blog because hey! We all want to know more about this part of the flooring business, it is from them that a lot of the hues and imagery of Beaulieu Canada's publications are derived.

Reporting to the Marketing team and under the guidance of the Art Director, the graphic designers ensure that our products look their best (note that our products are ALREADY beautiful. The designers just make sure that they are presented in their Sunday best).

They are also behind all of our social media visuals, in the front row for the creation of our brochures, our advertising and behind the scenes at all of our events with their artistic touch on the company banners and themes.

They are an essential link in spreading the good news about Beaulieu... visually.

And for this, we thank them very much.

(Hearty applause)

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