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Looking the part: Accounts Receivable Clerk

Beaulieu Canada may be a large company, but it has several small departments with a few employees that form tightly knit teams. This is the case in the Credit, Price Control and Receivables department. Where older colleagues really remember what it's like to arrive in a new team, with new duties. The welcome is important, and so is the team philosophy.

The accounts receivable position is very diverse. You have to like numbers, of course, but you have to like doing many different tasks. Routine is not part of the department's vocabulary, anyway.

The work is still on-site as the person in this position receives some of their correspondence, mostly checks, on paper. The other part is received electronically.

A detail-oriented and tidy person will be happiest in this position. You will be required to apply credit notes, apply discounts, send statements and do data entry. And, because this is a team that sticks together and helps each other out, your talent may be called upon to assist a colleague, and vice versa.

But beyond skills, personality counts for a lot. This is an important prerequisite! Performing specific tasks can be learned. Having a good personality is valuable. At least, that's how we see it.

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