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Faces of Beaulieu : Paolo Cerbo - La vita è bella

An Italian wind has been blowing through Beaulieu Canada for 32 years. Originally from Berceto, not far from Cinque Terre, Paolo Cerbo arrived in Quebec with his family at the age of 13, directly in the Acton Vale region. In his mind as a young teenager, he was leaving Italy for a family adventure, without really worrying about how long it would last. A year or two maybe perhaps? The truth is that Paolo had not asked himself the question.

Benvenuti alle famiglie!

Being part of the first Italian family in the area, not speaking a word of French and being in the midst of adolescence in the late seventies in a small high school like the one in Acton Vale, things weren't always easy at first. But things have settled down and Paolo is happy to see that today, for newcomers to the area, the way has been paved by families like his and that integration is less difficult than it was back then. There is still work to be done, but still...

Fiducia e opportunità

Paolo is a hands-on person. No wonder he decided to pursue training in woodworking. Then he moved briefly to Drummondville to work. When he heard that a position was available at Beaulieu Canada and that it would allow him to be closer to the Famiglia, the Bambino applied and that's how on June 19, 1989, Paolo joined the team.

What was originally supposed to be a 3-month replacement has now become a successful 32‑year career. Fortunately for us! He has worked in just about every department in the plant. For the past 20 years in supervisory positions, including the last 6 years as a manager in Research and Development.

But why so long? "At Beaulieu Canada, there's a sense of belonging. We're given a chance, we're trusted, and when they see that you're a go-getter, that you're interested, advancement is pretty easy. Even if you don't have experience or extensive studies. In my case, I had never been in a supervisory position, so I didn't know if I was cut out for it. In the end, it turned out that I was. Because I was given the opportunity to prove it. Why leave a company that trusts you?", says Paolo.

L'Italia nel cuore

But there's more to life than Beaulieu Canada! There's also motorcycling, among other things! The freedom to ride your Harley Davidson is worth its weight in gold. There's also soccer. As a player, yes, but especially as a referee in the senior league for 30 years. His happiness is also of course his family, his children, and his frequent trips to Italy to see the family and old friends.

Paolo lives here, yes, but his heart has never really left Italy. If he could live half the year here and half the year there, he would. Paolo is happy, but he wouldn't say no to a "shared custody" between his native land and his adopted land. A simple way of saying "La vita è bella!

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