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Faces of Beaulieu : Marie-Josée Filion

There are people who inspire calm and gentleness. That's how it is with Marie-Josée Filion, accounts receivable coordinator at Beaulieu Canada for 23 years. When you talk to her, you immediately feel that she imposes gentleness in the same way as others impose rigor or law, for example. The unspoken informs us that the atmosphere must be calm, and that feels so good!

Passion: Numbers

Marie-Josée, not surprisingly, likes her environment, both at work and at home, to be calm without being monotonous. The lady has a sense of humor! She is hell-bent on making work fun and respectful. This is one of the main reasons she gives when asked why she has been with Beaulieu Canada for 23 years. "First, I love my job. I really do! I love what I do. I've always been in the same department and there's such a great atmosphere. It's a whole, the work, the colleagues, the respect, the good vibes, etc. I'm really lucky, I really have it all," says Marie-Josée, in all sincerity

"My colleagues are my friends. Real friends. I'm not the person who's going to meddle in other people's business, who's going to impose or take all the space. But if there's any disrespect or anything that might interfere with getting along, I'm going to step in."

Marie-Josée is a passionate person. In fact, she remains open to having life surprise her with a new passion. At first, after her training in office automation and accounting, she thought she preferred office automation. But numbers became a real passion and she was the first to be surprised.

Passion: Running

This is also what happened with running. She began a fitness program 14 years ago when she gave herself the gift of quitting smoking. The process that followed, she wanted to do at her own pace. She tried many sports before finally settling on running. She feels free, she can do her sport at her own pace, on her own schedule, without waiting or making anyone wait. She never thought she would like running so much!

"Initially, I ran to the corner and walked back! That gives you an idea of where I was starting from... But I really wanted to do it! I really took it one step at a time, and now I run 9 km, twice a week! And I can't do without it anymore!", says Marie-Josée, her face beaming with health.

Passions: Cottage, canning and travel

Another passion? Cooking, trying out recipes and... canning! But all this is also an excuse to spend quality time with family and friends, at the cottage or at home.

Then there are the trips. All kinds of trips, but especially backpacking with the girls! The one to Portugal is particularly memorable. And if this pandemic can finally end, her dream would be to travel to Croatia, Thailand and Ireland, among other places.

Passion: The ultimate, the most important

Marie-Josée may have many passions, but nothing will ever match the family life she and her husband lead with their two daughters. "Some people think I'm intense, but on the weekends, I make sure my daughters are not lacking in anything and won't waste time on anything other than their university studies during the week. So, I cook, I shop for grocery, I do the laundry, etc. And if I have to, I'll bring everything to them in Quebec City or Sherbrooke if they can't come home. It's my way of helping them build a good future. And they are very grateful. They know they are lucky and they often tell us so", says the proud mother.

Whether she's working, running, traveling, cooking or being the devoted mom that she is, Marie-Josée exudes happiness; it's contagious, and most importantly, she makes it look so simple in her beautiful blue eyes.

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