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Faces of Beaulieu – Camille Bourassa: Family first

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Camille is really a breath of fresh air for her colleagues in the credit and administration department. Even though she is only there 2 days a week, she leaves little bits of sunshine at the office during her absence.

First of all, an internship

Camille's journey at Beaulieu Canada began 3 years ago. What was supposed to be a two-week internship in administration went on for, well, a little longer... It seems that the young woman, then 18 years old, was making her mark in a very positive way.

Camille possesses qualities that Beaulieu Canada loves. Willpower, perseverance, interpersonal skills, respect and openness. Beyond experience, this is what the company values on a resume. And the resume of this beautiful native of Bromont was filled to the brim!

At home, it's her family

During the week, Camille lives near Acton Vale for work and school. But on weekends, she is with her family in Bromont. And you should see her eyes shine when she talks about them! You know when you really feel like you're at home anywhere in the world or in any situation as long as your family is there? Camille's home is her surroundings, not a physical place. Home is her family.

She speaks of her parents and her brother with great tenderness, admiration and sincere love. You can't make that up. And when you talk to her, you can see that Camille is sincere! No malice, only the real thing!

Appreciating her luck

The young woman, now 21 years old, recognizes how lucky she is. She has been able to travel a few times and particularly remembers a trip to Portugal. We asked her why it was her favorite and the answer was instantaneous! "Because I was with my family and family friends!". But Camille speaks with equal enthusiasm about her weekends with her family at Lake Brompton.

At work and in life

Camille is now officially permanent at Beaulieu Canada. No more temporary internships, we didn't want to let her go! All this is the result of constant efforts, a wonderful attitude and a very endearing personality. Whether in her personal or professional life, you want to be part of her entourage, her extended family.

Camille brings her good humor with her and we asked her what her secret is. "Every night, I name the 3 things I liked the most in my day! That's it!".

Camille and the future

We asked her where she saw herself in 5 years, in 10 years. But Camille is adamant. She prefers to live from day to day, not to see too far ahead and to enjoy the present moment. For now, she loves working at Beaulieu, she prefers manual work, but she also likes to write credit notes on the computer. By her own admission, she writes fast! Technology, like any young woman of her generation, comes almost naturally. She is very comfortable with all these elements, computers, tablets, phones, etc.

Camille prefers to think of the future as tomorrow. And we should all take a cue from her more often! She knows that tomorrow, she will still be in the same happiness as today, with her family, with her colleagues whom she finds kind, caring and welcoming. That's the future. A future day by day!

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