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Healthy enterprise


Since July 2019, Beaulieu Canada has been officially certified as a "Healthy Enterprise" by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ). At Beaulieu Canada, employee health and wellness is an aspect that is part of the company's priorities and values. Through the development of a structured plan to promote healthy lifestyles, including work/life balance (telework, flexible hours and summer schedules), a work environment that meets expectations and effective management practices, Beaulieu Canada is proud to offer its employees a productive and stimulating work environment.

Encouraged to  move 

Beaulieu Canada employees have free access to physical activities in the workplace. Beaulieu Canada encourages them to move by offering a variety of time slots. Whether it's lunchtime or after a work day, they can participate in physical activity classes (Zumba®) and stretching and relaxation sessions (yoga) almost every day!

Encouraged to  eat well 

A healthy diet is essential and that is why Beaulieu Canada insists on having varied menus in the plant's cafeteria. Healthy options are available on the menu every day. In addition, our catering service selects the food and prepares the dishes to satisfy the employees' appetite.

 Environmental  awareness 

Beaulieu Canada's philosophy is based on the conviction that environmental progress can only be achieved if we rethink our relationship with the world and contribute to the conservation of the natural environment. It is with this in mind that the company is implementing new projects to raise employee awareness of the environment, whether by offering reusable thermal flasks to dispose of single-use bottles or by installing recycling bins for both paper and raw materials. Click here to learn more about our green initiatives!

Beyond  certification 

Although Beaulieu Canada is proud to obtain the Healthy Enterprise Certificate (BNQ), the most important thing is to maintain the motivation to come and work at Beaulieu Canada and to support the feeling of belonging (Beaulieu micro-boutique offering company items for employee recognition), involvement and openness to a healthy lifestyle. The real commitment lies in the continuity of efforts to ensure the sustainability of an environment conducive to employee development.

For more information on the certificate granted by the BNQ, you can consult the BNQ website.

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