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Beaulieu Canada, a  carpet  manufacturer? Yes, but mostly a talent factory! 


Who we are

Leading Canadian carpet  manufacturer  and  hard surfaces  distributor 

Over  65 years  of knowledge

More than  400  devoted employees 

 1  manufacturing plant  

 3  distributions centers

Over  5,000  retailers across North America


What we offer

Opportunities by the square meter!

To blossom where one did not expect it, that is the case for the majority of Beaulieu Canada's employees. At Beaulieu Canada, you'll find more than just a job, you'll discover a world of possibilities and advantages! 

It's time to specialize, to build a real career. Women, men, experienced or not, from here or abroad, absolutely everyone can find their perfect fit with us! 

  • 3 weeks vacation after 1 year

  • Social benefits

  • 13 statutory holidays

  • ... and so much more!


Looking the part

We are so much more than just the job description! Our employees share what it's like to work for Beaulieu Canada and what it means to be part of this big flooring family.

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